publisher Dan Sehn
with the debut of
Gotta get up and
stretch my legs
every once in a
"Grrrr.... I hate
red heads!"
"I'm back sooner
than expected."
manga babe
C.C. Banana...
I kid you not!
This girl is
"Who ya gonna
call?"... OK, all these
captions can't be
good... none of them
are? Aaah, who
asked ya!
"...and then
changed my
Now that there is a
whole lotta troopers!
"I call this my
Frank Cho pose!"
Go Joe! This guy
is sporting the
classic look
minus the beard.
"How did I lose most of
my storm troopers to that
bearded fellow in the
previous trooper pic?"
Sailor Blue and
Shortbread... OK, I
admit, I made up
those names.
Crisis on
Yeah... I'm
always getting
the same
Vampiress, Baroness,
Donna Troy and Little
Miss Sunshine hanging
at the con.
Obsidian of the
Justice Society
of America
04/22/08 Argo Comics Anthology # 1 was a big hit at the New York Comic Con! Thanks to all who came by to pick up copies and chat! It was of
great interest to many that Impact, the super-team featured in the anthology, is international with many fans agreeing that the world is a much
bigger place than sometimes portrayed in comics. USA, Brazil, Italy, England, Japan, France, Russia, Germany, Greece, and India all together in
one comic! If you couldn't make it to the show then just hit the "SHOP" tab above to order online while supplies of the first printing lasts. The
"Contact Us" tab above has a link to the Argo Comics Yahoo! Group that acts as our forum. In the meantime, click the thumbnails below to enjoy
the con experience!
01/15/09 Argo Comics was on hiatus as publisher Dan Sehn was named the 2008 INBF Naturalmania Heavyweight Champion winning professional
status in the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF). We're back on track now and will be bringing you Argo 5 # 1 as well as Argo Comics
Anthology # 2.  Stay Tuned!
02/15/09 The New York Comic Con was, once again, a fantastic show.  Lots of great pro talent at this one and it was good to see past friends and
acquaintances  Louis Small Jr., Welson Chang, Liza Biggers, Todd Nauck, Bob Shaw, Greg Titus, Uko Smith and Ed Coutts. Also met some of my artistic
favorites for the first time mainly Rob Liefeld and JJ Kirby. Rob's proliferation of super-teams in the early Image days was a great influence on my decision to
publish my own super-teams and I was lucky to be among the few who scored an original piece from Rob which will see print as a pin-up in a future issue of
Argo 5 ! Here we go with the con pics...
Argo Comics Publisher Dan Sehn
and a certain wall crawling female.
Yeah, it's Spider-Woman!
Where are you rushing off
to, Flash?
Oh, never mind.
Those Mario Bros.
must be feeling super.
Power Girl showing off
her Kryptonian gun!
That's so Raven.
A more authentic look
than Bridgette Nielsen.
That's the
Spirit !
Poison Ivy and Catwoman
looking puuuuurfect.
The Amazing
Zatanna spreading
the magic around
the con.
Cosplay characters were
plentiful at the con.
Crisis of Multiple Screen Stars. Looks like that
would make a good Wonder Woman movie
costume crossed with  "Lois and Clark",
"Superman 1", and "Batman and Robin"
The Baroness
means business!
01/18/09 Argo Comics now available at IndyPlanet! Argo Comics has been added to the IndyPlanet catalog. Click
on the covers to the right for each book's listing which includes the creative credits,  story synopsis, and preview pages.
As you can see, Argo Anthology # 2 is now available! Written by Dan Sehn. Art by Luisa Russo, Felix Novara Adrian,
and Antonio Brandao. Colors by Miguel Marques and Joseph Baker. Pin-Ups by Jonboy Meyers (Spider-Man), John
Hebert (X-Men), John Lucas (Superman), Greg Nichols, Justin Long, and Tom Burgos.
06/22/10 Argo Comics was a big hit at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con! Thanks to all who came by to pick up comics, sketches or just  to chat! This
show was the convention debut of Argo Comics Anthology # 3 and it was very well received by the fans! If you couldn't make it to the show then just hit the
"SHOP" tab above to order. Great to see Rich Bernatovech, Jamie Fay, and Rey Arzeno of Drumfish Productions at the show. Argo Comics has things in the works
with all 3 of these mega-talents so stay tuned!  In the meantime go check out  http://www.sentinelsonline.com/  to see the amazing stuff Drumfish Productions is
cooking up (If you haven't read the Sentinels graphic novels, you don't know what you are missing). Rich also introduced me to Peter Rios from my favorite
podcast over at
http://wwwcomicgeekspeak.com . Argo Comics even got a mention in the Philly Review in Episode 864 so go check it out!  I also met Mark Sautter, a nice guy
and writer of  http://www.thedevilsplanet.com  webcomic that recaptures the fun and excitement of 70s science fiction television and film. As always, I was happy
to see Jim Califiore, Darrell "Cupps O'Riley, and GW Fisher to shoot the breeze on what's up.  OK, onto some con photos (click on them to enlarge) for your
viewing pleasure...
ARGO COMICS  publisher Dan Sehn
at the  ARGO COMICS Table.
Black Canary, Fire, and
Misfit looked marvelous...
oops, I mean DCous.
The ragin' cajun and
everbody's favorite
"touch at  your own
risk" heroine.
The Marvelous Batfamily!
Who ya gonna call?...
... wait, I changed
my mind!
"This guy is as wacky as
Mr. J plus our colors
match so much better!"
"I'm Mara
"No, I am! Sic
her, Rogue!
Psyloche in da
A multi-universe crossover! (I
wouldn't want to have to write
this one, lol)
TNA's Tara (formerly WWE's Victoria)
and WNBF Pro Bodybuilder Dan Sehn
(aka Publisher of Argo Comics).
Poor Jean Grey.
Alive, dead,
alive, now
Ehs si
"Cause tonight
were gonna party
like it's 2099!"
05/04/11 Had a great weekend exhibiting at CGS Super Show! A fantastic friendly atmosphere with loads of talented creators and
incredibly cool attendees who were second to none. The CGS crew ( who have an amazing site and podcast at  
http://www.comicgeekspeak.com/ ) put on a show with oodles of personality including two fun nights at 3rd and Spruce in West
Reading with live music on Saturday night by Kirby Krackle, H2Awesome and karaoke! Amber Love created a costume (below) AT
the show! I saw past friends and made plenty of new ones! I can't say enough good things about this show and definitely plan on
returning. Below are a few pics from the show as well as a few con sketches I completed. Click to enlarge...
Argo Comics table
at CGS Supershow
The Comic Geek
Speak Crew
Amber Love
Booster Gold
con sketch
Stargirl con
Super Captain
con sketch
Wonder Toot
con sketch
Stinky Lantern
con sketch
05/ 10/11 Argo 5 issue 3 available at:                    

Writers: Dan Sehn, Rich Bernatovech, Kevin McVeigh, and Justin Leach Artists: Bill Maus, Scott Jones,
Luciano Vecchio, Arley Tucker, Kevin McVeigh and Jean Sinclair Colors: Giuseppe Pica, Miguel
Marques, and Luciano Vecchio Cover: Brad Green. Extra big issue at 40 pages of full color fun!

Cataclysmic Cross-Over Issue!! A Demon King threatens all of reality dispersing orbs of power to
villains of different comic book universes. Argo 5 travel through dimensions hoping to recover these
spheres of destruction and in the process end up meeting some of independent comic's greatest
heroes. Can Argo 5 and guest-stars: The Sentinels, The Squirrel, The Sorority of Power, The Skunk,
The Majestic Xll, Nira X, Morning Glory, and Acrocat defeat the Demon King's plans and save reality
from utter destruction?! Brought to you by an assortment of independent comics mega-talents with
pin-ups by Mike McKone (Avengers Academy), Kevin Maguire (Justice League, Defenders), Bill Maus
(Nira X), Franchesco! (She-Dragon, Green Lantern), Ben Dunn (Ninja High School) and more!! This
issue dedicated to the late great Pat Carlucci with his characters joining the fun!
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