Impact is an international team of superheroes who sometime work in two units as Impact Gold
and Impact Silver. In this issue mythological beasts are on the loose in Brazil and England and
the Impact heroes from Germany, England, USA, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, India,
and France unite to face the threats head on! Also in this issue, the Teen Machine help a friend
in his pursuit of justice... and a date for the prom!!

Written by Dan Sehn. Art by Jean Sinclair, Luis Xlll, and Greg Woronchak. Colors by Miguel
Marques and Joseph Baker. Pin-ups by industry pros Brad Green and Andy Macdonald!
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ARGO 5 # 1

When an alien menace declares war on the planet Earth, can the heroes defeat the power of
Umbrak the Unbeatable!? Earth's premiere mega-hero team, Argo 5, take on threats from
intergalactic to mystical to the greatest challenge of them all... social relationships. Can these
mega-heroes defend the earth and still handle the drama of dating? Megahero action meets slice
of life reality!

Story and Art: Dan Sehn  Colors: Giuseppe Pica  Cover: Brad Green  Pin-Ups by Elton Ramalho,
Anthony Castrillo, Jim Califiore, Tim Tyler, and Tim Vigil!

This issue introduces the girls of Super Gamma Mega, The Sorority of Power the college club
for today's young mega-heroines! Then join the Havoc Patrol on their time traveling adventure in
part 1 of "Tall Tales". Finally we introduce the Paladins as they face off with the Chaos Cult to
protect the Chosen One. All this plus pin-ups by industry pros and upcoming superstar artists of

Written by Dan Sehn.
Art by Luisa Russo, Felix Novara Adrian, and Antonio Brandao.
Colors by Miguel Marques and Joseph Baker
Pin-Ups by Jonboy Meyers, John Lucas, John Hebert, Tom Burgos, Greg Nichols,  and Justin

Canadians, Americans, Mexicans, and Central Americans unite as we ask the question, "Are
demons unfairly treated?". Find out as we meet the super-team known as Team North
America. We also introduce the Death Squad as they attempt to put a halt to the deadly
super-villain sport called "Ultimate Massacre". Lastly, join the Havoc Patrol on their time
traveling adventure in part 2 of "Tall Tales". All this plus pin-ups by industry pros and
upcoming superstar artists of tomorrow! 24 pages of great stories! 24 pages of hot pin-ups!
This issue is a comic and a pin-up book all rolled into one!

Written by Dan Sehn. Art by Ibraim Roberson, Felix Novara Adrian, and Dan Richards.
Colors by Miguel Marques and Dead Dog Pin-ups by Bill Maus, Brad Green, Tim Vigil, Andy
Macdonald, Louis Small Jr., Shelby Robertson, and more!
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ARGO 5 # 0

This is it! The untold tale of the formation of earth's mightiest mega-hero
team, Argo 5! What were Gladiatra, Shazrath, Blue Dynamo, Kasira and
Chain Reaction up to just prior to the team coming together? All is revealed!
Plus a back-up story to give you a bit more information about the team while
one of our heroes tries to find love through "HeroDate", the world's top
mega-hero online dating website. All this plus Argo Comics' famous pin-up
section with art by industry pros and the hottest new talent around!

Writer: Dan Sehn Art: Arley Tucker Colors: Ross Campbell / Back-Up Story:
Writer: Dan Sehn Art: Alex Garcia Colors: Giuseppe Pica / Pin-Ups by: Mike
McKone, Rob Liefeld, Jamal Igle, Andy Smith, Damion Scott, Brad Green,
Rob Banbury, Louis Small Jr., Dave Hoover, Craig Bogart and Rich Miller.
Cover Art: Rick Mays Cover Colors: Ross Campbell / Flip Cover Art: Arley
Tucker Flip Cover Colors: Miguel Marques

It's rush day at Argo University and new students are seeking out clubs and activities to
join. For freshmen girls with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal woman the
choice is clear… Super Gamma Mega, the Sorority of Power! Can new pledges Leopard
Lass, Cybersuit and Moushka solve a campus mystery, survive the hazing, and make it

Writer: Dan Sehn, Art: Bill Maus, Colors: Miguel Marques, Pin-Ups: Ben Dunn, Jeff Moy,
Kevin Taylor, Franchesco!, Louis Small Jr., Nebaroth, Shelby Robertson, Chad Spilker,
Chris Rich-McKelvey, and Rafael Lanhellas.